During 2001 Colorado Baptists reactivated the Baptist Foundation of Colorado (BFC). At that point, BFC was not providing any investment opportunities for our churches. Since then, BFC was made a concerted effort to provide our churches with investments that accomplish two goals:   1- A good return on every church’s investment, and; 2-An opportunity for churches’ investments to be used to help other churches.  Because this effort has stimulated a number of churches to invest, BFC now manages 96 investment accounts.

Below you will find three questions which will guide you as you investigate our investment opportunities.  Click on the three questions to find some very important information regarding investments.

What investment funds are available?

Who can invest in these funds?

How does an investor begin?

We want to thank you for investing in the Baptist Foundation of Colorado funds.  By investing you have not just invested in the ongoing ministry of the Foundation, but more importantly you are helping our churches with their building needs and the furtherance of the Gospel Ministry in Colorado.